“Who is the winner between Xanax vs Ativan.”

Ativan and Xanax have been dominating the market for a long. Both medications possess a similar primary objective, i.e., treating anxiety and panic disorder in adults. In addition, the drug class, mechanism, and working of both medications are highly compatible. Still, there are some differences observable between both medications. To know who is more effective and powerful for anxiety, go through the below outlines differences between Xanax vs Ativan.

The primary use of the Xanax and Ativan-

  • The primary use of Xanax bars is to treat anxiety and panic attacks. As a second-line treatment, alprazolam is functional for managing nausea due to chemotherapy.
  • On the other hand, Ativan helps address the symptoms of short-term anxiety, insomnia, and alcohol withdrawal. Besides, Ativan injection treats seizures and is used for giving anesthesia before surgery.

Age bars- 

  • Ativan seems appropriate for managing anxiety in children older than 12 years. However, this medication is functional in children only for the short- term. If used for the long term, it may cause addiction and dependency.
  • In contrast, Xanax 2mg and others are practicable in children younger than 18 years. If you don’t meet the age bar of using it, evade its practice. Using despite restrictions can result in Xanax side effects and withdrawals.

Available forms- 

  • There are mainly three forms of Ativan pills are available. These three forms of Ativan are tablet, oral concentrate, and injection. All the forms have different efficacy and working capability.
  • While Xanax medication comes on the market in three major forms: immediate-release, extended-release, and oral concentrate. Each form of the Xanax bars has a different rate of on setting the mechanism.

Generic versions- 

  • Both medications hold their generic version, which makes them pocket-friendly. For example- lorazepam stands for the generic Ativan. The generic Ativan (lorazepam) is economically cheaper than the brand Ativan. On the contrary, alprazolam came out as the generic edition of the brand Xanax. Generic Xanax 
  •  (Alprazolam) seems affordable than the brand Xanax. Therefore, you should buy Xanax online (generic version) from a reputed pharmacy.

Mechanism rate of Xanax vs Ativan- 

  • The Xanax bars each form has a different mechanism rate. For instance, the Xanax IR onsets its effects on the body straightaway after intake. Whereas the Xanax XR begins its effects steadily over time, such as 4o to 50 minutes.
  • While the Ativan exists only in the immediate release edition. Therefore, it intends to begin its effects in the body promptly after intake. And its effects possess the longevity of surviving into the system for 6 hours. Thus, you can take the Ativan dosage every six hours.


Both medications are highly superior in addressing anxiety and other above-listed issues. Thus, which one you should take is tough to tell. It will be better if you get medical assistance. The doctor will go through your symptoms before assigning any medication. Thereafter, whatever the medication meets your requirement the most, the doctor will suggest you that.