“What is worse: Ambien or us”

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing fine. Today, there is a myth I would like to break and my mistakes. This past life can help you not repeat the mistakes that I have made.

First of all, my name is Jacob, and I am an entrepreneur. Now, let’s move a few years back when I started my entrepreneurial journey; I worked a full-time day job to sustain my daily needs. It was a small digital marketing firm that was only paying me enough to get through the month.

I liked the industry and the firm, the people were friendly there, but is was a small firm the salary was just basic, Which fulfilled my needs, but there is another element called “wants” in humans that pushes you to do more.

I was very fond of cars, specifically Japanese tuner cars; my neighbor had a bright orange Nissan 240z, which was so sick that my eyes glowed every time I saw that car. However, that was not the car I wanted, but still, it was a legend of a JDM community.  

Six months passed away, and my financial situation was still the same. Hence, I have decided that I will work hard to buy the car of my dreams. Therefore, I started to work for more hours.

I couldn’t quit my day job because it put the food on my table, so I started working as a freelancer. Everybody got the same 24 hours, so I continued working my 9-5 job and freelance at night.

I scored two clients in the first month that were giving me regular projects to work on, and the pay was not significant but too bad for a part-time. The problem started when I decided to work even more. 

Hence, I started to work late at night and sometimes all night. It was not a pleasant experience, but I wanted that 350z (the car) so bad that I couldn’t care about the sleep any less. A month passed like that, and I was grumpier than the Grinch.

I was confused, didn’t think straight, couldn’t concentrate, and felt tired every time. Some more days passed, and now I couldn’t sleep at all. I took that as an advantage that now I didn’t need sleep, and I could reach my goal much faster. 

After three months, I bought a black 350z; And I was happy, but at what cost. I had sacrificed my health for a worldly thing that I would have eventually bought after some time.

Now I knew some things long due for a change; therefore, I went to the doctor the next day to find out that I had severe insomnia. The doctor prescribed me a medicine called Ambien 10mg .

Ambien is a sleep-inducing drug that helps you sleep faster. And it was also helping; I was sleeping like a baby for more than 8 hours every day. A month had passed, and I thought everything was back to normal. But, instead, Ambien 10mg  was like magic that was changing my life completely.

Two more weeks passed, and the sleeping effects of Ambien started to deteriorate. At that time, I didn’t know the side effects of Ambien 10mg and what I was dealing with. Hence a question arose in my mind that Can I take 2 Ambien 10mg?

And as this drug was helping me a lot, I concluded to give it a go. So I didn’t even feel the need to consult my doctor before increasing the amount of the medicine.

I took two pills the next, and bravo; I was again getting the long-lost magic of Ambien that helped me to sleep. But, now it comes with side effects.

However, there were some side effects initially, but they were mild compared to the side effects I was going through now. Then, I looked on the internet, and symptoms were similar to the severe side effects of Ambien.

Therefore, I contacted my doctor immediately and was admitted to the hospital shortly afterward. I was there for a week till I was completely healed. 

I am fine now, and I have learned my lesson that health should be your priority and if you are using any medicine, use it as directed by your doctor because they are professionals for a reason.

“Thank you for reading a part of my life, and I hope that I have added some value to your time”.