What does clonazepam treat?

Clonazepam comes in the market with numerous strengths such as 0.5mg, 1mg, and 2mg. Each subset is compressed with a different amount of the active element. The element is filled in the medications as per their strength and chemical format. Therefore, to know about your adequate dosage, have a meeting with the doctor. And you should use it only if the doctor approves it with legal Rx for you. Additionally, the appearance of each subset appears different for example- 

  • 0.5mg of clonazepam has a yellow color and round shape with the imprint of 98 on the side and 832 on the other side. 
  • The color of 1mg clonazepam is green and round in shape, with a print of 98 on one side and 833 on the other side.
  • The last strength of clonazepam is 2mg and its color is white and arrives round in shape with the imprint of 93 on one end and 834 on other other end. 


           The treatment should be begun with the lowest power that is clonazepam 0.5mg. The dose may increase up gradually over time of the necessity arrives to do.  Beginning the treatment with the last potent unset can lead to some withdrawals such as dizziness and drowsiness. Hence, doing forget to take the medical assistance to acquire the data about your adequate dosage of clonazepam. 

Directed use of Clonazepam by FDA- 

  • The FDA certified clonazepam for the short-term treatment of seizures only in adults. This medication performs to control and treat the symptoms of seizures. 
  • However, the doctors may also prescribe the usage of clonazepam for the administration of panic attacks and anxiety in children and adults as well. 
  • Notable, clonazepam is not appropriate to treat seizures in kids. Doing so can lead to unwanted outcomes in a moderate to severe ratio. 
  • This medication is also named anticonvulsant and anti-epileptic medicine. 

What is clonazepam dosage? 


  • Kindly take ten dosages of clonazepam as directed by the physician after analyzing your healthy grade. However, must read the direction and reactions section carefully. The doctor may alter the dosage over the time to watch out the changes and improvement. Besides, you should never take this drug is excess amount or more than prescribed duration.
  • Kindly do not share your clonazepam usage with anyone unless directed by the doctor for the same. Misuse of this medication can lead to outcomes such as addiction, overdose, and death. Thus, keep the education away from the reach of other people to learn the impact of such outcomes. 
  • Kindly do not stop the usage of this medication suddenly, whether you started feeling better or fine. Suddenly leaving can increase the risk of withdrawal and increased seizures. 
  • The dosage of clonazepam is based on the weight of the children. However, the doctor may change the dose if the weight loss and gain take place during the treatment. 
  • The treatment of seizures is usually done by combining other drugs with clonazepam. Therefore, take the medication as directed by the doctor. Besides, don’t change the dosage and dosing schedule without the approval of the doctor.