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Lortab : A painkiller that can be useful for you

Painkillers are not only meant to give you relief but are also supposed to provide you with comfort. Now in order to get rid of your pain you need to have a new medicine. Not a medicine but something that is the best. In other words, it is a painkiller. The best medicine in this case is nothing but Lortab. Therefore, you have to Buy Lortab Online. 

The primary function of hydrocodone is to provide relief from moderate-to-severe pain. Other than that, acetaminophen helps to reduce fever and tiredness in the body. Therefore, Lortab is widely available in a medical feel, and it is one of the best over-the-counter (OTC) tablets. 


What is Lortab? 

An opioid plus anti-opioid that has two functions. It kills your pain plus suppresses your fever. And moreover, it is a product of hydrocodone. The formula for Lortab is none but C18H21NO3. So it is not necessary that you need to take it only for curing your pain. Take it also to reduce your fever. This is also the function that we need to tell before you Buy Lortab Online.

People often refer to it as a narcotic medicine. It is a narcotic because there are many people who misuse this medicine. Misusing in the sense that they consume it too much. They consume it in bulk. So all you need is to consume it within a specified limit. Doing it is appropriate and safe. And there are no harmful ingredients inside the medicine.


Consumption of Lortab

You have to consume the whole tablet of Lortab. Never break it into two pieces and consume it. It would not only taste bad but also give you some unfavourable reactions. And another thing take it with a glass of water. Never take it with any syrup or fruit juice. Mixture of water and Lortab is the best. 


And these are the common side-effects of Lortab:

  • Sedation is a common and obvious symptom of taking Lortab
  • Dizziness and nausea have seen in children above 10 years
  • You may feel sleepy and tired
  • Vomiting is also common, so you do not have to worry, but it depends on what you eat while taking Lortab.
  • Euphoria/hallucination is common if you take a high dose of Lortab.

Rare side-effects of Lortab

  • Anxiety and depression 
  • Constipation is common among adults
  • Bipolar disorder can happen if you take it regularly
  • Urine problem
  • Lack of breathing 
  • Problem in hearing 
  • Sometimes you may feel itches and rashes on your skin
Precautions while taking Lortab
  • If you are allergic to the chemical composition of Lortab, then do not take it
  • Also, avoid taking Lortab with alcohol, tranquilizers, and any other narcotic medications. 
  • The doctor also interact with other medicines with opioid and non-opioid medications
  • Furthermore, people who have mental disorders can also take Lortab but under the supervision of doctors
  • Be cautious if you have liver disease and cirrhosis
  • Also, mention doctoring if you have any history of addiction.
  • Do not forget to mention if you have any kidney diseases
  • People with low blood pressure should not take it very regularly


Dosage form of Lortab 

Before you Buy Lortab Online you should also know the form of dosage. If you are aware of it you would not have any problems. Even your doctor would tell you the same thing. 

For teenagers 

See the teenagers do not suffer long term pain. So for them, the dosage is normal at least 2.5mg. But it cannot be more than that. If it becomes more than that then it can become an addiction for them. 

For adults 

Now for adults, the dosage has to be at least 10mg. For adults, 10mg is the appropriate and suitable dosage. It is equal to 100mg. This strength is available on our website. Just give it a try and see how useful it can become for you. 

For old age 

It is certain that old age people suffer a lot of pain. And for them, there is none other than the 500mg strength. It is more than beneficial for an old age person. This thing is very important and essential. 


What to know before consuming Lortab? 

Before consuming Lortab you always have to be sure about your dosage. If you are not sure you can have the wrong dosage. It is never the right thing to do as it can cause some serious trouble. And by any chance, if you get allergic to Lortab please do not consume the medicine. 

Another thing is that you must get the medicine prescribed by your doctor. Without the prescription, you are not going to get it. And by any chance, if you are using the liquid Lortab please measure the dosage with a special measurement device. Please do not measure it with a normal spoon used in your kitchen. 


Frequently asked questions

1. Is the liquid Lortab available?

Yes, the liquid Lortab is always available. It may not be available with us but on the other websites. So you can buy it and get it at a better price. Most of the websites are offering it to you at a discount. 

2.How can you say Lortab is the best? 

We are not saying it as word of mouth. For a longer period of time, we have been offering this medicine to our various customers. They consumed the medicine and are saying that it is the best one. 

3.Is it a generic medicine? 

No, it is not at all a generic medicine. It is known to be a brand. Known to be the brand of Hydrocodone. This is the reason why the word Hydrocodone is mentioned on the packet of a Lortab. 

4.Does it also come in a capsule form? 

Yes, it also comes in a capsule form. The capsule form of Lortab is really very fast and secure. After you consume it you would not feel uncomfortable. In case you would get relief from your pain within just a few minutes. 



Lortab is a common medicine for the treatment of moderate-to-severe pain. But you need to be a little attentive while taking this drug because it has many side-effects depending on various factors like age, gender, medical history, and more.

You can buy Lortab online, but you should first consult a doctor because a healthcare provider will suggest a suitable dosage.

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