Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our responsibility. So before collecting any private information we would always give you worthy information. We collect certain data like your name, contact number, address, email ID and many others. The address is collected to make sure that your product reaches you within a very short span of time. We ship and pack your product so that you get it within a few working days. 

To understand the privacy policy of our website you need to go through this blog. If you go through this blog it would be a helpful option for you. Go through it and later on you are not going to have any such questions. 

Data Regulation act 

We are under the data regulation act so there are no chances of scams. Besides your personal details like your name, email id and contact number we will also require some monetary details. The details like your credit/debit card number, expiry date and even the CVV. All these details are required when you go forward with the purchase transaction. But remember that we would not require any such things like PIN, account number etc. 

IP Location

We are under an IP location. This is what security is all about. We are fully secured and there are no chances of fraudulent activities. So you can purchase the medicine from us safely and securely. We have a particular IP location that is going to be helpful for you. Through this everything is tracked and we are under surveillance. Trust our website and take the right medicine from us. 


The best thing is that our website accepts cookies. With these, your details remain safe and secured. After opening the website you will see an option to accept cookies or not. You need to click on that option “accept cookies”. After clicking on it you will find all your details secured. They are the right thing on our website. Not only the right thing but you can also say that they are helpful. 

As a concluding statement, we would tell you that all your details are safe and secured with us. This is the privacy policy of our website. You can go through it and know how private your details are with us. Purchase the medicines from our website safely and securely. It is known to be the best idea for you. And all the medicines are approved with us. 

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