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Does mobile phone usage cause insomnia?

The number of smartphone users keeps increasing everyday and it would not stop. Smartphones become an important aspect of people’s daily lives. Thus we need to know is insomnia easy to cure with Ambien dosage.


How long individuals spend on their telephone?


According to a survey the average adult spends over 3hours on their phone everyday. College students and the younger generation spend much more than that. 


Does mobile phone usage cause insomnia?


The survey said that among those who used their phones before going to bed , 72.4% had poor sleep quality. Over uses of mobile phones can be affected by your sleep. It can be linked to unhealthy sleep habits and insomnia. According to a study which has been conducted by the national institute of mental health and neuro sciences , states that excessive use of mobile phones can affect the quality of sleep which causes Insomnia. However, Unhealthy sleep makes it harder to fall and stay asleep which could lead to serious health problems. Sleep is indeed affected by mobile phones use in the hour before bed. Such late night use of mobile phones  can easily affect on your sleep and it cause you harm which can affect on your mental health.


How to get rid of insomnia? :


Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma, professor of clinical psychology and service for healthy use of technology clinic, said :

 “There is a need to keep away from using mobile phones for 30minutes before going to bed. Avoid binge-watching videos, using social media or playing games at night because it causes insomnia.” 

  • Stick to a Sleep schedule
  • Improve your sleeping habits
  • Do not use mobile phone before bed
  • Avoid or limit naps : naps can throw off your sleep cycle
  • Consult medication


Is Insomnia treatable? :


Yes It Can be cured if you take care of yourself. BUT, the Most cases of insomnia can be cured with changes you can make on your own. 


Does it Cure with Medical Help?


There is a medicine which is called Ambien. It helps to treat the symptoms of insomnia in adults. This medicine works on your brain and it relaxes and calms your mind. Which helps you to give a good sleep and cure your insomnia side effects can happen with both prescriptions and over the counter sleeping pills. Additionally, Ambien dosage can have very serious side effects, that is why they should always be used with the approval of doctors. Ambien Should not exceed10 mg.


Side Effects of Ambien:


  • It Makes your mouth dry 
  • Difficulties in testing, chewing and swallowing and speaking 
  • Discomfort in the stomach, constipation, stomach upset
  • Diarrhea, dehydration
  • Muscle Pain, tenderness and spasm
  • Burning sensation in your nostril
  • It makes you confused, not able to think with usual level of clarity.
  • Aggressive behavior , irritation
  • Hallucination
  • Moody Behavior
  • Memory Loss
  • Negative Thoughts, thoughts of ending your life.




Hopefully now you get to know how mobile phone usage causes insomnia ? 

Furthermore, Follow the mentioned-below guidelines:

Stop over usage of mobile phones at night. Arrange your sleep schedule. Improve your sleep habits. Do Not use the mobile phone before going to bed. Take medications with the help of a doctor. Hence, Do not use medicine without consulting a doctor. Take good care of yourself.