Delivery & Return Policy

Now we also maintain certain rules in delivery and return policy. Our commitment is to deliver you the right product and make sure that there is no fault. For this, we will get in touch with you. And if required we will take your feedback from you. Once you have any questions about the delivery and return policy feel free to ask us. Our advisor is there to answer all your questions. Speak to your advisor and make yourself clear about everything. 

See there is a certain policy that we maintain. We have the best delivery partners like FedEx, DHL and many others. There is no such thing that we are going to take a lot of time delivering your products. The time span is at least 3 days, not more than that. Now when it comes to returning then it will only happen if you are not happy with our product. You can return the product and will give you a better one. It is going to be helpful for you. 

We would make sure that the new product that you are getting does not consist of any damage. And there is no doubt, we are going to provide medicine with a longer shelf life. It may happen that you are not expecting any other product and want some refund while returning your product. We would give you a refund. But there is also a time span for it. You have to return it within 1 week. If you return it within 1 week you will get your money refund. 

By any chance, if you have not received your product you can contact us in the given number. We will speak to our advisor and that person will surely look after it as soon as possible. You can also track your order through your mobile. It is for your convenience. Whether your product is damaged or not that is fully our lookout. By any chance, if you receive a damaged product please tell us. We are going to solve your problem. 

Once you think that our delivery and return policy is enough for you there won’t be any problem. So you can go through this and we will make sure that you get better service from our side. And our advisor is always there to solve all your queries. We hope that after going through this you would never have any such queries.

This is the delivery and return policy of Rehabilitative that you need to know about. If you are aware of it you would never feel problematic. It is meant to give you a certain knowledge.

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