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CDC (Centers of Disease Control and Prevention)


CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is a federal body that supports health promotion and prevention from certain diseases in the USA. The main aim of this organization is to increase health awareness and the overall public health of the people.

This body was established in 1946 in Atlanta and worked with partners on a local, state, and national level to prevent any disease outbreak like COVID-19. It mainly focuses on environmental health, infectious disease, food-borne pathogens, injury prevention, occupational safety, and health. In addition, it provides education to the people to help improve health in the US.

Why was CDC created?

At first, the CDC was created because of the malaria outbreak during world war II. The beginning of CDC was humble with a budget of 10 million dollars and around 400 members. It was difficult because the problem was enormous and low resources.

After that, the organization expanded and started to work on other infectious diseases. However, conditions were not significant in number at that time, so the CDC moved again to help people with their overall health.

How does CDC function?

CDC is a big organization, and many people work at every country level. It is a gold standard for healthcare and prevention in the country. CDC helps in:

  • It identifies and takes action against new and emerging diseases and health threats such as covid-19 and other possible epidemics.

  • They are promoting best health practices and healthcare communities.

  • It tackles the leading causes of death and disability for humans in America, like heart diseases and cancer.

  • Development of the health workforce.

  • Carry out scientific research to monitor and prevent possible outbreaks.

It also helps the government convey critical health problems to the citizens of the United States. There are several areas that CDC works are mentioned below,

Area of focus

Communicable diseases 

CDC is the first line organization that deals with infectious diseases in the USA. There are more than 400 diseases and health threats that CDC addresses. It also provides new information about those diseases and helps people by educating them.

Non-communicable diseases

It also works in several non-communicable diseases that affect many people’s lives. The disorders include physical inactivity, obesity, tobacco addiction, and cancer. 

Global health 

CDC is also working with many other global organizations to help with health challenges, keep the disease and threats at their sources, and prevent the spread. For example, it works with WHO (World health organization) to implement international health regulations. It is an agreement between 196 countries to prevent and control the global spread of disease.

Travelers health 

CDC also cares about travelers who are more likely to get a disease while going to other countries. It is available in the form of a book called “Yellow Book,” which is available in a print format, or you can also download it online. It contains information about health guidelines, vaccines you can take, and information on the specific destination.

Vaccine safety

It also monitors vaccine safety and distribution in the US with the help of a vaccine adverse event reporting system (VAERS). CDC is a safety and surveillance program that runs by the combined efforts of the CDC and FDA (Food and Drug Administration). It makes sure that the vaccine is safe for human use and monitors health problems because of the vaccination.

How is CDC helping with Covid-19?

CDC started working on the virus on January 21, 2020, when the first signs of the outbreak occurred in the United States. Since then, it has been learning more about the virus every day and helping people and healthcare workers with guidelines for preventing the disease.


How CDC is responding to the outbreak


  • As the problem is enormous, CDC is preparing first responders, healthcare workers, and health systems to learn more about the virus and help prevent and cure people.

  • It also advises businesses, schools, and communities to follow precautions like vaccination and wear a compulsory mask. After all, they are at the most risk because people from different areas gather there, making it very risky.

  • CDC is constantly sharing viable and vital information for the health workers and general public that is helping people worldwide. The information provided by the organization is also helping other countries to cope with the pandemic.

  • They are very diligently helping the traveler’s safety and providing them every bit of information they need to stay safe. It also includes information about what measures to take when exposed to the virus. It also ensures the health of individuals coming to the United States to live or work.  

What are the CDC guidelines for Covid – 19?

We are in the middle of a pandemic far from over as per the ongoing situation. However, there are several guidelines that the CDC issues to help people prevent and spread the new Covid-19 variant called omicron.

  • The isolation guideline is set to 5 days for people who tested positive for the omicron variant. After that, you should wear mask for at least five days to stop the spread of the disease. The best way is to get tested after of coming in the contact with the virus and wear a mask for at least ten more days if you meet someone to reduce the spread of the virus.

  • If you are a traveler, you need to follow all the safety precautions because the risk is more significant for getting the covid-19 virus and its subset. we recommend that you get both the doses of vaccine before traveling to another place.

  • Masks are the first line of defense against the virus. Therefore you should always wear a mask if you are in public areas. It will keep you and the people around you safe if you contract the virus.

  • If you have lost someone during the pandemic, the best way to get psychological support is through the phone via voice or video call. If you are going to another’s house, make sure that windows are open to fresh ventilation air. Washing your hands can also be a critical differentiator to help you stay safe. However, if soap and water are not available, you can use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol present in it.

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