What are the causes of Anxiety?

Reason or causes of Anxiety Disorder varies from person to person and there exists a specific reason behind every anxiety disorder. We are trying unveiling the CAUSES:

  • Fear that would have result of accumulation of the fear over time creates anxiety at late stage.
  • Family idiosyncrasy
  • Biological and genetic factors
  • ‘Cognitive Factor’: Thoughts in mind  which would have triggered out of excessive thinking, brings anxiety activity in life.
  • Losing belief in oneself and thus understanding one’s capacity can lead to unnecessary anxiety.
  • ‘Personality Types’- few people are comparative more anxious.
  • Chemical imbalance in the brain.

What do understand by Anxiety word?

Anxiety is an alarm system that is activated whenever that is activated whenever a person perceives danger or threat. Anxiety Disorder are illnesses related to a fear or anxiety response becoming activated in a situation when it is not needed, more strongly than is needed, or for a longer period than is needed. Anxiety Disorder is the most common of all mental disorder. Anxiety and Anxiety Disorder both have an effect on sleeping pattern and may be INSOMNIA. 

Can we take an Ambien in this situation for Anxiety Disorder?

Ambien is a medication that is commonly prescribed for anxiety-related insomnia and other sleeping difficulties. Ambien is classified as a sedative-hypnotic that works to quiet and slow brain activity to induce sleep. Ambien for anxiety works to relax and calm people with a high level of apprehension.


Ambien’s generic name is Zolpidem.

Drug name is Imidazopyridine (Z-drug), nonbenzodiazepine, and hypnotic.

It dissolves in 30-40 minutes in your body.

It has a duration of action 3-4 hours.

If you AMBIEN so what you remember and always in mind?

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Information about 10 mg:

The total dosage of Ambien ought not to exceed more than 10 mg. However, it would support it if you took it before bedtime. Never readminister the Ambien medications during the time and the same night. Do not use Ambien medicines just after the meal or with. 

Moreover, taking extra Ambien may result in potentially dangerous side effects. It shall include overdosing again. In severe cases, misusing and overdosing can turn out to be fatal also. 

Take an appointment with a doctor: In a proper way the dosage process of consuming Ambien?

Taking Ambien doses is hard or better for the patient. Doctors recommend this remedy for a period of 1 to 2 weeks or less. A patient needs to read the medicine pattern for the fitting instructions. 

Take Ambien pills in an oral form on an empty stomach without any meal or liquid. 

Typically, please take it once a night. As its working device is fast, thus take a right before sleep.

 Never take medicines after a meal; feed as it will not work instantly. 

Make sure the patient doesn’t merge cyclobenzaprine along with Ambien. 

Performing so may start several adverse outcomes.