About Adderall Shortage 2023

Rumours About Adderall Shortage 2023

In the year 2022 in the month of November, we have seen the Adderall shortage. And you already know that it is the most prescribed medicine in the United States. It is used to get rid of ADHD as well as narcolepsy. And people prefer it much more than other medicines. Due to the shortage of Adderall, many people are facing trouble. But there are many rumours about Adderall shortage 2023 that many people are taking seriously. 


There is no need for you to take them so seriously. They are rumoured and still remain to be a rumour. It is better if you believe the facts instead of believing rumours. As far as we know, the shortage will continue till 2023. But you have to remember one thing that rumours are rumours and facts are facts. Here are some rumours that you must know about. But as we said you cannot consider them to be a true fact. 


Shortage will last till 2024

The shortage began in the year 2022 but it would never last till 2024. This is just a misconception and nothing else. Yes, you can say that it will remain till 2023. Due to this shortage, there can be some trouble. If you are not getting an Adderall purchase either Ritalin or Vyvanse. 


Online shops are not availing Adderall 

In this Adderall shortage 2023 many people say that online shops are not availing the medicine. You search any of the online websites and you are going to get it. Some of them are not availing it but that does not mean all of them. So you can purchase Adderall from an online pharmacy as soon as possible. 


No other ADHD medicines are there 

In this Adderall shortage 2023 if you assume that no other medicines are there you are totally wrong. There are many other medicines. Ritalin is one of them. Not only Ritalin but also Vyvanse. They are as useful as an Adderall. So you need to try any one of them and see how they act. 


Shortage is due to higher cost 

There is nothing like the shortage due to higher cost. The cost of an Adderall is medium. It is neither too low nor high. So the statement shortage due to higher cost is baseless. You should never pay any attention to it. No one pays attention to this statement so we hope you would also not do the same thing. 


Bad ingredients are there inside Adderall 

Some people also believe that bad ingredients are there inside Adderall and due to this, the shortage exists. There is no significant proof for this thing. It is an irrelevant statement. There are some of the finest ingredients inside an Adderall. Among all of them, the best one is none other than amphetamine. 


Many people are dying after consuming Adderall 

It is an absolute rumour. And the statement is that after people died from Adderall the shortage is because of this reason only. There is nothing like that. No one dies after having Adderall. It is totally false and a wrong statement. People who consumed Adderall laugh hilariously after hearing this statement. 


People are not aware of the shortage 

The news of the Adderall shortage 2023 has spread worldwide. So how can you say that people are not aware of the shortage. They are fully aware of it. On the internet, if you type Adderall shortage you will get many results. As the doctors are not prescribing the medicine people are getting a certain idea about it. 


Demand for Adderall is too low 

If the demand for Adderall would have been low why people purchased the medicine. The demand for this medicine is higher. You need to turn a deaf ear to it. Even the doctors also say that it is a totally false statement. And remember the shortage is not because of a low demand. 



These are some rumours about the adderall shortage that you must be aware of. Know about them and later on, you are going to get a fair idea. But that does not mean you need to take them so seriously. They are false and can also force you to make a wrong decision. 

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