A battle between Xanax vs. Ativan-

Xanax and Ativan have been prescribed by the doctor for the management of anxiety and its related disorders. And these anti-anxiety medications seem safe and effective in the short term consumption. However, the treatment duration and dosage may vary from sufferer to sufferer due to different health components. Therefore, before reaching under the therapy, meet the doctor. The doctor will analyze the necessary factors before approving any point. To know the differences and similarities about these medications, read below-



  • The doctor directs Xanax to manage short-term anxiety, anxiety related to depression, and panic disorders.
  • In contrast, Ativan dosage helps to treat the short-term anxiety and anxiety associated with depression and insomnia.


Recommended age- 

  • Xanax is not safe in children younger than 18 years. There is no study leads that Xanax is safe and effective in children younger than 18 years.
  • In contrast, Ativan can be used in children younger than 12 years under directed precautions. Additionally, the dosage will be started from the lowest subset, but it may go up if the necessity arrives.


Treatment duration- 

  • Xanax and Ativan are safe and effective in short-term consumption. However, the treatment duration may go up if the necessity comes.
  • The doctors usually prescribe such anti-anxiety medications for 3 to 4 weeks’ consumption. Run the treatment on the directed guidelines to avoid conflicts.


Existing states- 

  • There are three major variants available of the Ativan: tablet, injection, and oral concentrate.
  • However, Xanax actives in different forms, such as immediate-release, extended-release, and oral concentrate. Notable, each variant is different in the mechanism rate and surviving position.


Mechanism rate- 

  • Ativan is available in the immediate release formulation. So, it onsets its mechanism within 30 to 60 minutes, and effects last in the body for 6 to 8 hours.
  • However, Xanax comes in the market in two variants, i.e., immediate and extended-release formulation. The immediate-release has the same mechanism rate as Ativan has. Furthermore, the extended-release begins its effects within 60 minutes, but its properties survive in the body for nearly 12 hours.


Generic editions- 

  • Ativan is available with one more name in the market, i.e., lorazepam (generic version). The working rate of both editions is similar but may vary in the prices.
  • In contrast, the generic name of the Xanax is alprazolam, where Xanax is a brand name. Both versions have the same effect, but you should prefer the directed one.  


Elimination procedure-

  • The half-life of the Ativan inside the body is 18 hours, indicating that the entire dosage will be out from the body with 4 to 5 half-lives.
  • But, the Xanax half-life is shorter than the Ativan, i.e., 11.8 hours. And the entire dosage will be out from other organs within three days.



  • Both medications are available online and over the counter. However, you should have the legal prescription to purchase it online.
  • If you don’t have the prescription, you can get it from online doctors. Hence, don’t forget to ensure whether the online pharmacy is authentic or not.


Final words-

                                    Above mentioned information about Xanax vs. Ativan was just for information purposes. To get further information, you may contact the doctor. Besides, before having any medication, meet the doctor. The doctor will analyze whether your health is suitable for this medication or not. Noteworthy, both medications are safe to consume together due to severe interaction inside the system. So, stick to guidelines if you are using any of the above medications.