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Welcome to Rehabilative!

We would also like to tell you the Terms & Conditions. When you are entering our website the privacy of your details are our responsibility. But sometimes it is also held to be your responsibility. By any chance, if a third party person sees it then it is not our lookout. Although it would not happen but by any chance if it happens. So we would like you to know about the terms and conditions. 

If you are aware of it you are going to get a certain idea. So you can go through it and later on you will not have any problems. But before that, you can never draw up any such conclusion. And if you are still sceptical you can go through the feedback given by our client on our website. It is going to clear all your doubts so easily. Whoever visits our website always goes through the terms and conditions. We have updated it very well. 

Making an account

If you are making your account on our website you are doing it at your own risk. In this case, you have to log in and keep your password protected. We would recommend you not to do it because it would be good if you buy the product as a guest. Majority of the users do it and after doing it you would get satisfaction. 

Making an online payment

You already know that nowadays the majority of people make online payments. So you can also do it to secure your credit card details. Make an online payment if you are not confident to make a card transaction. It is going to be an appropriate solution for you. At least give it a try and then see how it helps you. 

Agreeing with the cookies

Once you are agreeing with the cookies you are already present on our website. So in this case, you also know that we would require your personal information. They are protected by the cookies. But besides that, it is also your responsibility to protect your details. Please do it and have a safe purchase with us. 

As a concluding statement, we would like to say that these are the three terms and conditions of our website. If you are aware of it you would not feel like having any more questions. Purchase the medicines from our website and you would feel secure.